Vastu Shanti Puja Vidhi With Cost, Benefits And List

Vastu Shanti Puja Vidhi with Cost, Benefits & List

What is Vastu Shanti Puja?

Vastu Shanti Puja worship is initially worship of lord and goddess of directions, five elements of nature as well as natural forces and other related kinds of stuff. We do Vaastu Shanti to remove any type of Vaastu dosha whether it’s land and building, nature or environment, by Vaastu Shastra worship to stop major changes and destruction in the structure of the building.

वास्तु शांति पूजा की जानकारी हिंदी में पढ़ने के लिए यहाँ क्लिक करे।

Vastu Puja has a direct connection with humans and the Gods. As per the ancient Vedas Vastu Shastra is a science that helps a person to get the advantages. It is extensively found in all five basic elements of nature, namely Akash (Sky), Prithvi (Earth), Vayu (Wind), Paani (Water) and Agni (Fire). Other than these basic five elements Vastu Puja also gives respect to the Lords residing in all directions and other forces and elements of nature.
People do Vastu Puja before a Griha Pravesh Puja.

Its main aim is to void any error in construction and any non-compliance to the flow of earth’s natural energy. Also, these non-compliances are usually Vastu dosha which can cause major mental disharmony among the residents if they are allowed to remain.

We must do Vaastu Shanti to avoid negative circumstances by nature and the environment.

  • When one chooses against the Vaastu structure.
  • Construction of building against the Vaastu rules and money shortcomings remains in the structure.
  • Because of errors in the interior arrangement of concerned rooms and buildings.
  • When somebody purchases an old home.
  • A person does the renovation of home or business places.
  • When we have been living for 10 years regularly.
  • After coming back from a foreign trip for a long time.
  • At the time of entering a new home.

Removal of Vastu Dosha (DEFECTS)

Below are some of the remedies to remove Vastu Dosh. It is there on the premises of one’s residential places or one’s business place.

  • Ganesh pooja, Navagrah Shanti pooja of Vaastupurush.
  • Navachandi Yagya, Shanti path, agnihotrayagya.
  • Vaastu Purusha idol, Snake made of silver, copper wire, pearl, and powla all these items to be put in red cloth with red earth and keep that in East direction
  • Keep Red sand cashew nut, Powla in red cloth – in West direction on Tuesday. Worshiping that with seemed incense will bring peace in the house.
  • People destroy the Old buildings after the permission of Vaastu Purush by a proper prayer.
  • At the time of destruction an earthen pot, water, or seat etc should not be taken home.
  • Worship the entrance step – worship with Swastik – Design of Earthenware Pot. Shubh-Labh, etc. with Rice and Kumkum on a regular basis. Never enter the house putting your entrance step.
  • People should do Rakhshoghna Sukta Jaap, Homa, and anusthan.
  • Chant this mantra 12500 times – starting from Tuesday – minimum 108 times daily till 12500 are over. Om Namo Bhagvati Vaastu Devtay Namah – Do Dasamsa Home in the end.
  • Prayers to Vaastu Purush.

Defects of Vastu Dosh

  • If South-West is cut or there is uneasiness in the family, do Pitru Shanti, Pindadan, Nagabali, Narayan Bali, etc.
  • On every Monday and every Amavasya day Do Rudri.
  • Put a photo or idol of Ganapati in the house.
  • Pooja Room is very necessary for every home
  • Do not do GrihaPravesh without doing Navagraha Shanti.
  • A person should do Vastu Shanti when the house is vacant for some years. After doing Vastu Shanti Puja does not keep that house vacant for more than 3 months.
  • Never keep the underground cellar empty.
  • Do not keep the South-West room vacant.
  • Light a lamp regularly on an evening near the water pot in the house.
  • Do Grah Shanti every year because we do many evil things in our life.

Vastu Shanti Puja Vidhi

Sankalpa is the first step of the puja, in which petals, rice, and grains flower are offered to mother Earth. The head of the family does it and the priest simultaneously recites mantras.

Bhoomi Abhishanchan is the second step, wherein the Mother Goddess is invoked. In order to clean the place, Ganga water is sprinkled with the help of mango leaves.

In the third stage of the puja called PranPrathista,  once again the mantras are chanted. People offer Rice, flowers, and grains to the Goddess.

In the last step, once the puja is over a pit is dug and all the holy things used for the puja. It is placed in it and is covered so that that doesn’t get scattered around by birds.

Vastu Shanti is a religious process of worship of Vastu Purush. Vastu Purush is the protector and soul of the architectural structures. The prime reasons for conducting Vastu Shanti Puja are:

  1. Firstly, people do it to remove VastuDosha or the defects or faults within a structure.
  2. They also do to ask for forgiveness if any creatures of nature or plants and trees have been killed. Or destroyed during the construction of the building.
  3. To calm the anger of any forces or energies that might disturb the occupants or residents of a building.
  4. Also, seek blessings of Vastu Purusha and thereby ensure harmony, good health and wealth.
  5. To use the structure properly and to everybody’s benefits.

Vastu Shanti Puja List

  • Vastuyantra, Devi’s idol, ghee, seven types of beans, sesame seeds. And urad dal, wheat, rice, twigs, and some havan items.
  • People also need Lamp, candles, sandalwood paste, Turmeric, kumkum, incense sticks. And camphor, coconut, jaggery, bell, moli, betel nuts, and leaves.

Vastu Shanti Puja Cost

The cost of the Vastu Shanti Pooja Ranges from Rs. 6000/- INR – Rs. 9000/- INR

Vastu Shanti Puja Benefits

  • Reduces the malefic effects of bad Vastu.
  • Also, approves all corners of your house or office.
  • Gives mental peace.
  • Increase the possibility of god fortune.
  • Also, it makes a person more intelligent and clears ill thoughts from your mind.
  • Gives spiritual bliss to you and your family.

Vastu Shanti Puja Yantra

Vastu Yantra is to remove the malign vibes from your home, office or factory. To make it authorized with positive energy force with Siddh Vastuyantra. Use the Vastu pyramid yantra for the advantage of getting peace and richness in your life. This is great yantra that void issues caused by faulty Vastu Dosha in your commercial or residential surrounding.

It works well in voiding negative vibes, coming from Vastu Dosh. The Yantra gives positive vibes leading to peace and harmony for residents of the property. Also, success at all levels prevails for you. This has a far-reaching positive effect on the user/owner of the place.

The worshiper remains healthy and also leads to other people on-premises to remain healthy. A kind of friendly atmosphere prevails all around. Pavitra Jyotish caters to a clean and energized Vastu Yantra to help your cause.

People do Vastu Shanti puja:

  • When a person chose property against Vastu structure
  • Also when money shortcomings are experienced due to the construction of building against Vastu principles
  • When the interiors of the rooms of the building do not coincide with Vastu rules
  • Also, when a person buys an old house
  • When the person renovates his house or office building.
  • Also, when a person lives in the same house for more than 10 years.
  • After coming back from a trip abroad after a long time
  • While entering a new house

Vastu Shanti Puja Yagya is a spiritual ceremony to worship Vastu Purush. The Vastu Purush means power, spirit, and energy residing in a building, be it a home, industry or shop. Vastu Purush protects the building. Vastu in Sanskrit is the environment, surrounding or atmosphere, but it is more connected with the shelter or house.

The word “Vastu” is something existing such as home, building, shelter, etc. Earlier saints of India made many principles for building structures. Taking benefit of nature, the Pancha MahaBhootasi.e Earth, Air, Fire, Space, and Water, Gravitational and Magnetic effects.Rotational effects of Sun, Moon, Earth and other planets on the life on Earth. These principles, of Vastu Shastra, built over thousands of years out of practice. The foresight of earlier saints of India and are very important for the well-being of humankind.

The main reason for Vastu Shastra is to bring strength and success among persons, nature and his buildings and thus ensuring harmony, wealth and happiness. In case, there is an issue in the life of occupants. Due to noncompliance with Vastu principles. Stability and harmony are lacking, then Vastu Yagya is a good remedy for all these issues.

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Vastu Shanti Puja Vidhi With Cost, Benefits And List

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